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Orizaba: Online Auto Parts and Service

As we come up on the home stretch of the year, Orizaba wants to recognize the outstanding achievements of everyone this year. 2020 was a rough year for all of us and because of these struggles, we have overcome more than we ever imagined.

The auto service industry took a huge hit. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California suffered a loss of about 20% - 25% in total travel, tourism, and outdoor recreation. Orizaba suffered a loss in total volume sales which meant we had to raise prices to offset our total loss. From a business stand point, Orizaba confronted the possibility of shutting down operations completely.

Orizaba remained determined to prioritize client experience. The possibility of providing professional, cohesive, and valuable service is greater in this new online world. In 2020, Orizaba will venture into ecommerce while still providing services at our Orange County location.

What to expect from

Orizaba is focused on a hybrid model.

In addition to engaging with our clients on, Orizaba Orange County will be open for normal operations. However, users will be able to visit our location at no additional cost to install their online purchases from either our site or any of our official affiliates.

This is an amazing opportunity for our clients to experience the future of shopping where the physical and the virtual world meet.

What does sell ?

Orizaba will attack this market with great force. We are working on building up our inventory for auto parts but currently provide service for the following car body and main parts:

Ignition system, Lighting and signaling system, Sensors, Electrical switches, Wiring harnesses, Interior, Braking system, Engine components and parts, Engine cooling system, Engine oil systems, Exhaust system, Suspension and steering systems, Transmission system, Miscellaneous auto parts, Air conditioning system (A/C), Bearings, Hose

The Future

Orizaba is working on creating an individual experience. Our website will be built to be tailored around our client's car model and maker. Additionally, we hope to one day provide our own product experience.

We hope this is the start of something great and you will be an important part in shaping our future.


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